Latest O2 phone reviews

O2 Joggler
3.0 stars O2 Joggler By Chris Hall

We don't really know what the Joggler from O2 is: it looks like a photo frame, behaves like an internet portal, and is part of a growing trend of connected... Read more

O2 Cocoon mobile phone - First Look
O2 Cocoon mobile phone - First Look By Stuart Miles

At the O2 wireless festival, mobile phone operator O2 has announced a new music-focused mobile phone, which it hopes will steal Sony Ericsson's Walkman... Read more

i-mode mobile internet service
4.0 stars i-mode mobile internet service By Stuart Miles

O2 has opted to shun the fast data access speeds of 3G and opt for an internationally renowned service that boasts over 50 million customers in 22 countries.... Read more

O2 X4 3G
3.5 stars O2 X4 3G By Charlie Brewer

Picking up the baton of O2's ‘X’ range of products, the X4 is the first to offer 3G but will it offer enough features and is the usability any good?... Read more

O2 Xda IIi pda
3.5 stars O2 Xda IIi pda By Charlie Brewer

The latest, of the O2 ‘UberPDA's' the new XDA IIi, certainly looks impressive when you see its vital statistics laid out on paper. Launched just after... Read more

O2 3G data card
4.0 stars O2 3G data card By Charlie Brewer

This isn't the first 3G data card to be launched by a major UK network and undoubtedly not the last. ‘The C@rd' as O2 marketeers have dubbed it on its... Read more