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(Pocket-lint) - With its crystal clear bright colour display measuring 176 x 208 pixels, the first thing you notice apart from the screen, with the Nokia 3650 is the keypad. Presented as a circle rather than the 3x3 square, this style, while harking back to the days of Alexander Graham Bell and the first telephones does cause confusing when it comes to dialling or texting.

The problem is similar to when Microsoft launched its Natural Keyboard, to some, using the keyboard became second nature, to others offered years of bafflement as they never quite grasped it. The Nokia 3650 is likely to be the same, while some will see no difference in using it others will never fully understand that compared to conventional phones the “0” rather than at the bottom of the phone is now at the top.

Flip the phone over and you’ll find an integrated digital camera capable of capturing still or moving images at 640x480. Images are saved onto the internal 3.4Mb memory chip or an external memory card (the phone is shipped with 16Mb) giving you over 200 images or XX seconds of video recording.

For a phone that offers a camera and such a large screen, the 130g that the phone weights is surprisingly light considering its size. The combination of the large screen and the circular dial pad makes for a design that is larger than most current phones and again harks back to phones from four to five years ago in size, but not in weight.

Connectivity is provided via Bluetooth and infrared making this an ideal companion for PDA users wanting to use this as there data gateway, while the Nokia 3650 is capable of 2 - 4hrs of talk time and a whopping 150 - 200hrs of standby time all for a merger charging time of 1hr 35mins - a far cry from the overnight charging you once needed. For the frequent traveller, the phone automatically switches between its tri-band settings - GSM 900/1800/1900.

As with all Nokia phones, the menu system is simple to use offering a clear and concise approach to getting the most out of the phones capabilities and at first is seems that the options are endless - and to a point they are, as the phone is capable of being updates and added to via the Bluetooth or infrared connection.

The phone is shipped with plenty of software features to keep you busy while you’re not on the phone and the using the Bluetooth or infrared capabilities more applications can be downloaded on the phone. To start with however, the phone comes with most options to keep you happy. Realplayer is provided for movie playback, while the contacts, calendar and messaging options allow you to keep in touch. Games are the standard snake that has been around since the dawn of Nokia phones and there is a swap and slide game based on the classic kids party bag games.

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A phone’s usability is measured by two main factors, what it looks like on the outside and how it works on the inside. Here a different approach to the phone, while creative, just won’t appeal to most. It is large, has an unusual keypad and the camera and like the Ericcson P800 is placed in just the right place to attract fingerprints while using the phone. That said, the menu system is very easy to use - the display clear and the ability to add more software via the Bluetooth or infrared connection offers great adaptability in the long run.

Writing by Stuart Miles. Originally published on 11 November 2003.