When Microsoft describes the new Lumia 830 as a slimmer, sleeker, version of the Lumia 930 they really aren't kidding.

The new handset, announced at IFA 2014 in Berlin, will be available later this month and is being aggressively billed by the company as being an "affordable flagship" device for those that don't want to go for the company's actual flagship.

It's a trick Nokia, before it was owned by Microsoft, employed with the Lumia 820, and it seems that old tricks die hard.

In a move that could be claimed as confusing, the Lumia 830 will come in a virtually identical aluminium frame and polycarbonate back to the Lumia 930, sport the same sized 5-inch screen and come in the now almost standard bright orange, green, grey, and black colours.

nokia lumia 830 hands on the poor man s lumia 930 image 3

There are strong differences inside though. The rear facing camera is 10 rather than 20 megapixels and the processor is a Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 running at 1.2GHz rather than the beefier Snapdragon 800 at 2.2GHz.

The drop in processor power, aside from general speed of running apps and editing photos, also translates into 1080p video recording rather than 4K, while Nokia has also dropped the on board storage from 32GB to 16GB to get to that €330 price point.

This really is a case of a being a "poor man's version", when compared to the Lumia 930, but with that greater affordability, Microsoft will hope it appeals to a bigger audience.

It's that affordability that will likely turn heads, although by doing so Microsoft will go up against some very tough competition from all sides from the likes of Motorola, Huawei, Sony, Samsung, and Apple.

Still, Microsoft continues to do what it does best with the Lumia 830, in that it has produced a solid performing handset that should suit plenty, but that no-one will be bragging about owning.

nokia lumia 830 hands on the poor man s lumia 930 image 17

Yes, there are plenty of new features here, more so with the addition of the new Lumia Denim update that enhances the camera, improves general functionality around the OS and delivers more and more features than ever before out of the box for new owners without having to even worry about the state of the app market.

But we are still struggling to see why you would go for this device over the 930 unless you are incredibly squeezed by budget constraints. As it stands, the Lumia 930 delivers so much for the extra £80-100 if you are buying the phone outright.

Still, from what we've seen, the Lumia 830 is a strong performer and one that will only help bring new customers to the platform, as long as they aren't swayed by the dozens of other Lumia devices already available.

The Lumia 830 should be available in the UK by the end of September.