All this week, for London Technology Week, the Pocket-lint team are camped in the Pocket-lint Tech Tavern in The Fable, Holborn and we have all manner of exciting gadget and gizmo manufacturers visiting and showing their latest devices to the public, often for the first time.

One of those is Microsoft, which brought along the only final build Nokia Lumia 930 smartphones in the UK so we had a play and we have to say we are very impressed.

We've already seen a prototype Lumia 930 for hands-on before, which had the new fluorescent green back cover, but we've now managed to get shots of the orange and black versions too. And they are pre-loaded with the final version of Window Phone 8.1, oh yes.

Pocket-lintthese are the only final build nokia lumia 930 windows phone 8 1 handsets in the uk image 2

That said, unfortunately, we've not had enough time to really check out the coolest WP8.1 features, or Cortana, but we have to say that the phones themselves are stunning. The black version has a similar black frame, while the green and orange editions have an aluminium surround. All the metal frames are designed in a way to both look great and heighten performance from the antenna.

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The main new UI features we noticed are the ability to have a wallpaper picture in the background - either stock or personal - which then shows through the Microsoft general apps. It's a nice touch that personalises Windows Phone a tad more than ever before.

these are the only final build nokia lumia 930 windows phone 8 1 handsets in the uk image 10

We were also impressed just how fast is all moved. And the vibrant colours might not be for some, but we can really see a market for them. It was almost unheard of for people to carry around magenta or cyan handsets before the inital wave of Lumia Windows Phone handsets, now its common place.

Not only that, but they'll look tasty down the local rave.

The Nokia Lumia 930 - one of the last phones to retain the Nokia name after the Microsoft acquisition - will be available in the UK from July.