Nokia has teamed up with Zound Industries - the company behind Marshall Headphones, Molami, and Urbanears - to launch a range of budget headphones for those who can't afford the Monster versions. 

The Boom headphones will come in cyan, yellow and red, as you would expect from Nokia, and cost £25 when they come out in the UK.

We donned a pair of the yellow Boom headphones, and tried them with the new orange Lumia 625 and the Lumia 925. The sound is comparable to what you would expect for the price, but rather bassy and muffled. We would have liked more treble certainly.

nokia boom headphones hands on bass on a budget image 4

What is good is the soundproofing. Sound leakage in and out is very good, thanks to the comfortable earcaps that do well to encase your ears. We were unable to hear people talking to us when we were wearing them, nor could they hear what we were listening too. It's also worth noting that the flat cable is tangle free.

There is a somewhat cardboard feel to the headphones, but they are bright, colourful, and surprisingly well made. You might not be ready for them yet, but your kids are going to love them.