(Pocket-lint) - Nokia launched the Nokia Lumia 928 on Friday in the US on Verizon and Pocket-lint has managed to grab five minutes with the new phone that's the big red's answer to the original Lumia 920, launched last year on AT&T in the US.

In the hand the Lumia 928 is noticeably different. It carries a much squarer design with blunt edges over the smooth curvaceous lines of its polycarbonate brother, and it's lighter too. It might only be a couple of grams, but you quickly notice.

What's also different is that the screen has changed from LCD tech to AMOLED, and that instantly makes the Windows Phone interface punch out from the display. The black and, in our sample, red colour scheme is really vivid and we like that a lot.

We weren't really able to test the new Xenon flash to any great extent, although a quick test under an office desk of some power sockets and plugs returned a rather nice-looking picture on screen - helped by the AMOLED display.

Yes, no matter how dull the subject, everything looks more vibrant on that 4.5-inch screen.

Elsewhere, in general use, and much is the same. The 928 comes with the same processor, the same storage space and the same RAM to power it all. That brings with it the same enjoyment and same problems. The software is the same so don't expect any of your annoyances to have been fixed.

The new Lumia 928 will be available on the 16 May in the US for $99 (£65) with a mail-in rebate. Verizon customers looking to go Windows Phone certainly have a treat in store.

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Writing by Stuart Miles and Chris Hall.