The Nokia Lumia 920 is Nokia's new flagship Windows Phone and sports a number of new features and tech. Pocket-lint was on hand at the launch event to go hands-on with the new phone and see just how yellow it really is. 

The answer to the first question you probably have, is yes, the Lumia 920 is very big. At 4.5-inches that screen has grown even more (by .2-inches), but just like the Lumia 800 launched in 2011, the new Lumia 920 features a curved glass screen which goes a long way to hiding those large dimensions. It just doesn't feel as large in the hand as we would have expected. 

The screen really is lovely though, and a feature we especially like is the fact that you'll be able to use it with gloves on - and not those special gloves either. A nice touch with winter coming. 

Get past the size of the device and all the foibles found in the previous Lumia series have gone. The USB socket is now at the bottom suggesting a wave of accessories and docks will be on their way. It's incidentally the same place as the Samsung Ativ S Windows Phone already launched.

Not that you will be worrying about docking the phone. It features wireless charging, first found in the ill-fated Palm/HP Pre, and that means you'll be able to dump it on a charging station or a desk, or a speaker, or a whole host of other accessories the company has planned, and recharge the battery. 

The best way to look at the 920 is as a much-improved 900: better specs, better prospects and better capabilities to smack it to the competition.

The problem for Nokia is that the competition isn't an easy fight to win and Nokia has to convince people that they'll want the new device. To do that, the Lumia 920 will need more than a flash coat of paint, but we now feel that it has the basics covered to do that.

The race starts now, and Nokia has a lot of ground to catch up on.