If you want a Nokia Windows Phone but don't have the cash to stretch to the latest and greatest - such as the Lumia 800 or the new Lumia 900 - then the Lumia 610 is going to be for you. 

The new budget handset won't be as feature-packed as the top of the range models, with specs dropping in order to hit a lower price point (€189), but Nokia isn't letting that stop it. 

Designed with a removable back cover and the "youth" market in mind, the new Lumia 610 is a bright, colourful phone that will come in four hues - magenta, cyan, white and black. It also comes with a decent sized 3.7-inch screen. 

The processor and memory allocation is down, but you will still get the free music app, free mapping app, free Satnav app and free reading app, to boot. 

In the hand, we were surprised that Nokia has managed to keep the interface zippy when compared to the Nokia Lumia 800. And, while the apps take a little bit longer to load, it isn't too bad - especially if you don't have the bigger phones side by side. 

What don't we like? Well, we are old and boring here at Pocket-lint (well I am) so are not sure about the metallic paint job that is fairly in your face. We also suspect that, as it is painted over plastic, it will chip and look pretty ugly with time - remember your old beaten up Nokia?

Still, beggars can't be choosers and you know the kids will just love it when it hits the shops in the Summer. 

If Nokia can get people using the Pulse app that emulates BlackBerry Messenger (BBM), RIM had better watch out - this could just be the new message phone to start a riot with.