Aside from the Nokia Lumia 800, the company is also to introduce the Nokia Lumia 710, a budget-friendly Windows Phone 7 Mango smartphone for those with less cash to splurge. Pocket-lint has had a play with the smartphone, expected to hit in 2012, at Nokia World in London.

The first thing you’ll notice with the device is that the Windows Phone buttons are physical rather than touch sensitive and that the back covers are interchangeable. A wide range of colours will be available, all of which are based on the colours of the Windows Phone 7 tiles - you can opt for bright yellow or green, for example.

That might sound very 90s, but, says Nokia, it is what people want. There is also a choice of a white unit of a black unit and we happen to think the white looks much more becoming, even if the design still looks very "old" Nokia.

nokia lumia 710 pictures and hands on image 27

On the tech specifications side of things, the screen is a very crisp 3.7-inch WVGA (800 x 480) TFT capacitive touch ClearBlack display. It is bright and vibrant and we have to say it looks good, but doesn't quite have the impact that the Lumia 800 does.

There is 512MB of RAM and 8GB of storage space. It sports a 1.4GHz Single Core processor. Like the Lumia 800, there is only a rear-facing camera. On the 710, it is 5 megapixels, with an LED flash.

That Qualcomm processor means it is faster than the HTC Radar and almost up to scratch with the HTC Titan which is impressive for what is a budget handset. In use, the phone is zippy, it certainly benefits from the processing power and in our early exploratory plays everything seemed to work well enough.

nokia lumia 710 pictures and hands on image 19

Compared to the Lumia 800, the Nokia Lumia 710 sits in similar ground in terms of performance, perhaps making it a tough choice for UK owners who are likely to get both for free on contract - although the monthly bills may be less with this option.

But, to be honest, for looks and design, the Lumia 800 is considerably better. So, this could well be Nokia’s attempt to appease those looking for a line of Lumia handsets rather than the “all in one basket approach”. Given some respectable Windows Phone 7 handsets from HTC, LG and Samsung, we're not sure that the Lumia 710 will have that much going for it when it hits the market - unless you're excited by Nokia Music or Nokia Drive.

The Nokia Lumia 710 is expected to be around 270 euros (£235) SIM-free (free on a contract) and will be available in early 2012.