Ah, 6pm. What a glorious time of the day. You know The Simpsons will be starting on Channel 4, it's the earliest acceptable time of the day to drink anything that has Jagermeister in it and it's also the time of the day that we present to you our app of the day. 

So without further Abba-do, we present to you the latest app to bestow our prestigious title. 

The People's Panel



Ovi Store

You may have seen a lot of World Cup coverage on Pocket-lint lately, leading you to conclude that we're just a group of beer-swilling, football loving Neanderthals. But you'd be wrong. We love a bit of culture, we do. We live for international music events for example. And there's no bigger, or better, international music event than the Eurovision Song Contest, which is the basis for today's app. Yes, you heard us right. Nothing bigger or better than Eurovision. That's fact that is. Terry Wogan-endorsed fact.

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Eurovision is already underway. If you're up to date with all thing's Eurovision then you'll already know that the two semi finals have taken place. The final is tomorrow, 29 May, and takes place in Oslo.

The People's Panel allows you to rate the performances, live, as the action unfolds. In true Eurovision style you're allowed to vote from one to twelve points and the results from all the app users around the world (well, Europe at least) will be displayed for you to see.

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Now this member of team-lint is well aware that he may face ridicule from his fellow team members for this App of The Day selection. However, the team should be aware that the writer believes Eurovision to be a significant event in the cultural calendar. Oh, and team members should also know that the writer's boss left him no choice for his app selection this week. Take from that what you will.

Whatever the reasons for its inclusion, we're sure that The People's Panel will provide much joy for Eurovision fans. Well, as much joy as you can get from watching and judging sub-standard Euro-pop at least.

The UK's entrant is Josh Dubovie who'll be singing That Sounds Good to Me. Good luck Josh, we're all rooting for you. Honestly.

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