Motorola has launched a second variant of the Moto X Style smartphone in this third generation, the Moto X Play.

The Moto X Play is an affordable variant of the Moto X Style that is designed to offer high-end specs for an affordable price.

The Moto X Play works with the Moto Maker so should be varied for every taste.

But does the Moto X Play offer enough to find a place where the Moto X Style already exists? We go hands-on to find out.


The Moto X Play looks pretty similar to the flagship Moto X Style. But on closer inspection the bezel is a different size and the feel of the handset isn't quite as reassuringly weighty.

A variation of back cover options offers personalisation for all. The grippy case we tried was reassuring to hold and the metal edging looked premium. With Moto Maker there are loads of variants here so everyone should be able to find a style they like.


The Moto X Play has a well-sized 5.5-inch display at 1080p resolution. The screen to body ratio makes it a decent sized handset that still offers plenty of screen real estate.

Pocket-lintmotorola moto x play image 8

While the screen isn't as good as the Style on paper it's still very clear. The colours are rich and unless you look closely it'll be hard to see that resolution difference since this is a smaller screen.


The Moto X Play has a slightly lower powered processor than the Moto X Style with a 1.7GHz Snapdragon 615 octa-core processor and 2GB of RAM. Despite this the handset is still plenty fast enough to handle multitasking in our hands-on time with the device.

The 3,630mAh battery should offer two days from a charge. Though we can't test that here. That's 42 per cent more battery than the Samsung Galaxy S6 and should be fast enough to charge with 8 hours power in 15 minutes.


The Moto X Play comes with an impressively powerful set of snappers for the price.

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The main camera is a hefty 21-megapixel snapper with dual-LED colour balancing flash and f/2.0 aperture. The results are impressive but to really judge we'd need more time with it. In this limited experience it appears able to handle varying lighting nicely. It was also fast with a touch snapping and sliding the image off to the side as fast as you can press.

The 5-megapixel front-facing selfie camera has a wide angle lens, like most do now, and produces decent pictures. At 5-megapixles there's only so much you can expect there. No front-facing flash like the Style here unfortunately.

Smart assistant

Motorola has taken the wraps off its new Siri equivalent that goes beyond just talking to you and taking commands. This really learns based on many factors.

Moto Assist is a smart learning system. It can know when you arrive home and automatically adjust smarthome features to suit your location. We tried a Bluetooth headset connection through this and it seemed helpful enough for smart connecting to devices and knowing where you are. But this stuff isn't new, just built-in. This could be helpful for smarthome connectivity in the future.

First impressions

The Moto X Play is a more affordable version of the Style but it still manages to offer plenty of power for the money.

With processing speeds quick enough for anything you can throw at the handset, and top cameras, the only issue might be the display. But even this is 1080p and plenty big at 5.5-inches. Battery life couldn't be tested, but with the Turbo Charger it should mean super fast charging so even this won't be an issue.

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