And you thought the Bluetooth headset was only to be worn by taxi drivers and people that feel they are far more imporant than you. Well guess what - that might be about to change if Motorola has its way with the Moto Hint, a new Bluetooth headset.

Amongst the launch of a two new phones, and the promise of a UK release of the Moto 360 in early October, Moto says there is still room for a Bluetooth headset. We managed to get hands-on with it at a pre-brief session in London ahead of the official announcement at IFA in Berlin. 

The device, called the Moto Hint, isn't a giant ear dangling piece of technology. It is a miniature earpiece that sits in your ear rather like the feedback earplugs musicians wear on stage, or secret agents do in Hollywood movies.

Pocket-lintmoto hint motorola tries to make bluetooth headsets sexy again hands on  image 2

Conntecting to your phone it will allow you to bark orders and instructions at your phone just using your voice, while at the same time ensuring that your phone can hear what you are saying.

The Hint works with all Android and iOS devices as you might expect, but only when paired with the company's own Moto X, will you be able to talk to your phone.

With more and more of us supposedly saying "Ok Google" to our Android devices, Motorola says that regardless of the noise around you, it should make giving your phone instructions a lot easier.

Sadly however, Motorola hasn't worked out a way of relaying the results audibly back to the earpiece so you could have a full on conversation with your phone just like in the movie Her.

Pocket-lintmoto hint motorola tries to make bluetooth headsets sexy again hands on  image 3

The Moto Hint will come in a variety of finishes (the one we played with had a soft fabric finish and come with 4 hours battery life, which should be plenty for most people. But if that isn't enough power the ingenious travel case also doubles up as a charging station that carries a further two full charges. If you are still chatting beyond that, Moto says you can get back to 80 per cent charge within 30 minutes.

No word on pricing or availability, however Motorola say that the Moto Hint will come to UK in the coming months.