We've already seen the LG G3 at its launch event in the UK and were impressed with the Quad HD display. But ever the fickle types its white finish washed over us. For some added bling to your smartphone zing here's a look at the LG G3 in gold.

Shimmering, lovely gold. Not with any true carat value, of course, but who would want the added weight?

LG visited us at the Pocket-lint Tech Tavern as part of London Technology Week to show off its latest handset, here shown in its Korean variant complete with mini TV aerial (a feature lacks in the UK model, but that we photographed because it looks awesome in a retro kind of way). For the full lowdown take a look at our G3 hands-on from last month.

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We're rather fond of the G3's gold colour too. It's bling but not over the top; the colour almost fades into a white-gold finish when caught in the right light.

But if you want one then you'll have to wait a couple of weeks. The LG G3 is due out in the UK on 1 July, with an anticipated price of £550 (TBC).