We got our review sample of the all-new G Flex, and wanted to throw it in a video as soon as possible, because it’s an exciting handset. So here, for your enjoyment, is our first look at the G Flex.

What are we thinking so far. Well, first, the battery is a beast. This phone has some real stamina, if that’s what you’re after. The OLED is great, the lower resolution - it’s 720 x 1280 rather than 1080 x 1920 - isn’t a problem at all. The OLED has a weird grain to it though, which is actually kind of pleasant. LG also told us this phone doesn’t use pentile, so while it does have a lower resolution, you do get proper whites and good colour reproduction.

The bendability is a little less impressive than we thought. It’s hard to bend the phone, but you can do it - as we demonstrate - but it’s hard work. That’s not a problem though, and we love the bend, because using it as a phone is really pleasant.

Overall, for those looking for a big phone with a unique design, there’s plenty to like about the G Flex. It’s not for everybody, but for those who adore the phablets, it’s really going to be a tempting handset, although the price might yet prove to be a hurdle for many.

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