LG has, for some time, been making rather nice phones that have been largely ignored by everyone. We loved the Optimus 2X and thought it was one of the smarter additions to the Android phone world that we'd seen. It was only with the Nexus 4 that the firm looked like it might be capable of gaining the interest of the mass market. Certainly, the Nexus 4 is the darling of mobile phone reviewers.

So, does the G2 hold up to that scrutiny? Well, it seems that LG has learnt a few things over the years. Its overlay is a bit more minimal now, and the G2 at least looks a lot more like stock Android. There are some eye-catching features too, like the buttons mounted on the rear, and some genuinely interesting gesture-based stuff that we think rivals what Samsung is doing with its Galaxy S range.

The design is fantastic: it's got a solid LCD screen and the thinnest edge bezel we've seen in a long time. It's has a massive battery too, which should help it go the distance. In fact, the only problem we have with it at the moment, is that it lacks a microSD slot, and that's a pet hate of ours.

The Nexus phones have in the past pushed those involved into a new level. HTC, Samsung and LG have all seen their fortunes changed after working closely with Google. LG managed a hit with the Nexus 4, so all that remains now is to see if it follows HTC's path, or Samsung's.