During its New York press event, LG also let journalist get their hands on the QuickWindow Case for the LG G2.

It basically looks much like the Samsung S View Cover for the Galaxy S4, but when you get your mitts on one you notice the differences.

For a start, the QuickWindow Case has a mottled effect, a bit like a hessian sack. Also, the window is much larger and can display different modes, including a clock, weather report, alarm, music player, incoming phone details and text messages.

lg g2 quickwindow case pictures and hands on image 5

Some of those modes can be changed from within the window itself, by swiping up and down. The colour of the font for the digital clock, for example, can be changed by a simple swipe. Or you can change the entire look of the clock.

There are several colours available, all of which appeared at the LG event. We particularly like the grey one, but reckon there will be plenty out there after something much more vibrant.

The QuickWindow Case will be available at the same time the LG G2 hits the streets. We've yet to find out the price.