The LG Optimus Note is one big phone. It is so big in fact that some might call it a tablet. Pocket-lint caught up with the new handset at Mobile World Congress to find out what's what with the new device.

If you thought the Vu was big in the pictures you've seen, it's even bigger in the flesh. Too big to be a phone - no really, the new Vu should be deemed a tablet.

In reality that's fine, and once you've got over that realisation, you can start to enjoy what the device has to offer - like an amazing screen and a stylus so you can doodle.


The hybrid tablet isn't quite as large as the Note, coming in 0.3 inches smaller with a 5-inch display, but the 4:3 aspect ratio means this isn't going to fit in your pocket -  whether you're wearing baggy trousers or a suit jacket.

That 1024x768 resolution IPS screen is very crisp, and combined with a dual-core 1.5GHz processor and 1GB of RAM the Vu was nippy too, when we had a play on the company's stand at Mobile World Congress.

Disappointingly the screen's real estate is somewhat wasted on the phone's interface and when watching movies - especially widescreen - but where you are going to benefit is in enjoying comics and books and taking notes with the stylus.


Software-wise, we're looking at Android 2.3 Gingerbread for now but a 4.0 update is in the works.

At 8.5mm it is pretty thin, given its size, and because of the large screen surface area you get a 2,080mAh battery which hopefully should last you a while. Connectivity comes in the guise of HDMI and DLNA .

The Optimus Vu will go on sale in Korea in March. No word on when it will be hitting the UK.