The big phone trend is in full swing. At least it is judging by the number of telephony juggernauts launched at this year's Consumer Electronics Show. Lenovo has also dipped its oar into the giant-screen smartphone pool and come up with the 5.5-inch IdeaPhone K900.

As if to assert its importance, the K900 was tucked away behind Perspex at a Lenovo party after the handset's announcement. It made us want to get out a glass cutter and delve in to get our mitts on this latest tech but, alas, we had to settle for an eyes-on experience only.

First impressions are that this is one big boy. It's less than the gigantic 6 inches of some competitors, but the K900's 5.5-inch, 1080p display is still large. 

For the most part it is the screen that's left to dominate the Android device's surface. The bezel isn't teeny tiny, but it's in line with current smartphones' proportions, albeit on that larger scale. The device sure is tiny when it comes to thickness though. Or, more to the point, thinness, given its 6.9mm measure.

The K900's finish also looks good - not as plasticky as we initially had expected, although without getting our hands on one it's hard to judge.

The 2.0GHz Intel Atom Processor-based K900 sounds plenty powerful, although Western markets may never get to know its full extent as it's still not known whether it will turn up on shores outside of Asia. We'll have to wait and see.