(Pocket-lint) - Normally accessories for your latest smartphone consist of speakers, or smart cases, or at a stretch, a docking station, but not at HTC. It's created the HTC Fetch, an accessory that you attach to your keyring that allows you to find your phone if you've lost it.

If you're forgetful this is likely to be the gadget for you. To make it work you simply press the button and that activates your phone's ringtone as long as the phone is within a 15-metre radius of Fetch. You can then play hunt where the ringtone is coming from.

HTC has also added a proximity mode as well, whereby if the phone leaves the same 15m radius, Fetch starts beeping; something we saw in action when we had a quick play on the device.


As a last-ditch attempt if all else fails and you lose both, you'll be able to go online and check via HTC website where your HTC Fetch and phone were last together.

That might not be too helpful if you've had your bag stolen and it's hot footing its way across Europe, but if it is a case of seeing that you've left it at your local pub because you were too drunk to remember, at least you can go back the next day to get it.

Simple, but from what we've seen first hand, it could be very handy, especially if you are one of those forgetful types.

Now where did we put our HTC One again...

Writing by Stuart Miles.