As smartphones get ever bigger the idea of putting them against our head gets even sillier.

HTC, perhaps realising that the company's 5-inch Butterfly model is a tad on the large side, and even presumably pre-empting the concerns of putting the rumoured HTC Max phablet against your noggin, has launched a new version of its HTC mini accessory called, the HTC mini+.

Looking like a miniature remote control, the idea is that you connect it to your HTC smartphone and it becomes the device you put against your head when a call comes in.

It theory it makes perfect sense. You get something slim, light, and easy to use, while your huge phone/phablet stays in your hand or pocket.

The idea isn't a new one, certainly not from HTC as it has had the HTC mini device, not to be confused with the HTC One mini phone, for some time now, however since people want it to do more, the company has added more features, hence the "+" in the name.

Pocket-linthands on htc mini is a bluetooth handset and remote for your larger phone image 7

Now in the mini+, HTC has given it a handful of other capabilities beyond letting you see instant notifications of texts, events, and emails.

You can now use it as a shutter release button for the HTC One for example, but more importantly you get an Infrared blaster and receiver in the gadget so you can turn it in to a remote control for your telly.

It can also be paired with select HTC devices to operate multimedia streaming through your HTC Media Link HD as well.

For the truly geeky, there's also a built-in laser pointer and slideshow remote control to run your PowerPoint presentation so you look the business at your next pitch.

In the flesh and it is certainly an interesting concept that will appeal to some but not all. The Bluetooth range means that you could easily leave your phone on your desk or in one room at home and walk around with just this in your pocket instead.

Samsung and Sony and other Android readers, bad news, sadly it's not universal to Android. HTC say that some features will work with its competitors devices, but to get the most out of it you really need to use the mini+ with HTC's own range of phones.

The HTC mini+ is out shortly and expected to cost around £50.