HTC has pulled the covers off its latest flagship handset and we were at the London launch to witness Peter Chou, its CEO, introduce the HTC One to the world.

Maybe we're being extravagant running a separate gallery just for the black version but hey, it's our birthday today, and so far most of our coverage of the HTC One has featured the silver version.

So here we are. This is the black version of the HTC One, with it's glorious 4.7-inch 1920 x 1080 pixel IPS display, UltraPixel camera and enough power on board to keep Android running very smoothly indeed.

htc one black pictures and hands on image 1

That's Android 4.1.2 for those keeping score, but it's sitting under HTC Sense 5. Sense 5 looks cleaner and lighter than previous versions, and is now fronted by Blink Feed, a new dynamic content aggregator that will serve up content for your delectation. A buffet of delights on which to sate your content needs.

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Around the back is the 4-megapixel camera, with HTC taking a gamble and stepping out of the megapixel race to focus on quality. You might get smaller final images, but the quality, claims HTC, will be much higher.

The camera also offers a host of exciting features, such as Zoe Camera, which brings stills to life and produces cool video summaries in a heartbeat.

htc one black pictures and hands on image 4

Otherwise, this is a solid handset. The unibody full-metal construction oozes quality, with HTC claiming to have overcome the "death grip" problems associated with metal bodies in the past.

The HTC One will be launching on all the UK carriers and be available from the end of March. We have completed a full review of the HTC One, which is well worth a read.

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Black or silver? Which piques your interest?