(Pocket-lint) - The HTC One X+ arrival and hands-on session was a chance for us to grab our usual Pocket-lint pictures of the latest smartphone in the Android-running HTC One series. Tucked away quietly, not so close to the limelight, was also a small smattering of a few of the latest accessories you can use to pimp out your mobile.

On show, along with the likes of the HTC Media Link HD, was this rather interesting HTC One X-sized phone case. From the front, this polymer latticework does little apart from add a 5mm bezel to your handset. On the rear, though, is where the magic happens.

Looking rather like something to come out of a 3D printer, it just about did enough to convince us that it's quite attractive - although we've no doubt that many of you might disagree. Nonetheless, what you can't argue with is its strength and ability to protect the back of your phone from a nasty fall. Just a shame it does nothing to help a direct blow to the display glass.

Another simple but useful device is the dual-socket portable battery charger. Yes, the HTC One X+ offers 50 per cent more talk time than it's predecessor - so we're told - but you can bet you'll still need juicing up from time to time.

The HTC Double Charge allows you to charge from a Li-ion battery cell using either a micro USB or standard USB connection, depending upon which cables you've got handy. You can also charge two devices at once. Do make sure to use the button on top to activate and deactivate though.


Finally, there's a 3.5mm to Micro-USB converter and a set of Bluetooth headphones, just in case you don't already have a vastly superior pair of your own.

There'll be more HTC One X and One X+ accessories on their way. We'll bring you a round-up of our favourites soon enough.

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Writing by Dan Sung.