The HTC Desire C is the newest addition to HTC's 2012 line-up of Android devices, joining the HTC One series and seeing a diversion from what we thought was going to be a clean and simple approach to naming.

We can't quite see the logic behind dragging the Desire name, once synonymous with HTC's flagship devices, down to the entry level. But what can you do, eh? Perhaps we should be calling this the HTC Wildfire C or X, or something.

But let's not let this brief moment of etymological confusion get in the way of our quick play with HTC's latest smartphone.

The HTC Desire C is compact in the hand, measuring 107.2 x 60.6 x 11.95mm. It isn't the skinniest of phones around, but it's unlikely to offend anyone either. It nestles nicely into the palm of your hand and, thanks to the tactile finish, feels secure there too.

HTC Desire C

The layout of controls is totally conventional, with three touch buttons across the bottom of the display offering your standard Android 4 Ice Cream Sandwich navigation: that's back, home and recent apps.

The display measures 3.5-inches on the diagonal, so even though this is a diminutive device, there is actually a fair amount of room to play. The resolution of 320 x 480 is a little on the low side, so that will impact on some of the wow factor, but colours seem vibrant enough.

Launching on Android 4 and Sense 4, this phone is at least up to date, so you won't be waiting for updates as soon as you take it out of the box. It is, however, very much about entry-level specs, with a 600MHz processor sitting under the hood.

The devices we played didn't come with final build software, so we can't determine exactly what the user experience will be like. It's a low-power phone, with only 512MB RAM sitting in there with that processor, so we'll have to examine this in our HTC Desire C review when we get the phone in our labs.

There is 4GB of internal memory, but you do get a slot for expansion, so you can bung in your own microSD card.

HTC Desire C

Harking back to the HTC HD Mini, slip off the back cover and you'll find it finished in red, including a red 1230mAh battery. Okay, it's a small detail, but such things appeal to us and we like the way the red coloured innards encircle the Micro-USB port on the left-hand side, hinting at that gory core.

Perhaps surprisingly, the HTC Desire C is equipped with a 5-megapixel camera, although video is limited to 640 x 480 capture. The devices we snapped are also NFC equipped, so you're ready to roll with contactless payments and whatever else NFC finds its way into.

On the media front this is a Beats Audio device, so you'll be able to enjoy your wubwub with meaty bass.

We're looking forward to giving the HTC Desire C a proper plan very soon. We reckon this phone could sell like wildfire. Snark.