(Pocket-lint) - As well as unleashing a trio of new handsets by way of the HTC One X, One S and One V,  Peter Chou, HTC CEO and President, also found time to announce the Apple AirPlay-rivaling HTC Media Link HD at the company's MWC press conference in Barcelona on Sunday evening.

HTC Media Link HD is a small box that connects wirelessly to your HTC Sense 4 touting handset, allowing you to mirror the action from your small screen (if you can call the 4.7-inch monster display on the HTC One X small) on to your big-screen TV.


The box has a HDMI out on it, as well as a power cable, so connects up to your TV à la a mini Apple TV. You won't get the extra apps and features of Apple's hobby box but what you will get is your Android handset replicated. So basically, if it runs on your smartphone it will run on your telly.

Pocket-lint was given a demo of the new tech over at the Spanish-expo and we were impressed just how slick and intuitive the control set up seemed to be. Three fingers swiped upwards chucks your phone's display at your TV, you can swipe three fingers down to take it off when your done.

You control your TV's display by using your phone as you usually would and, using what HTC describes as "mirror mode", you get a real-time correlation. So if you've got some HTC movie action stored on your handset you can simply ping it to your TV for a better viewing experience.


Plus, if you want to keep the movie running while you go back to regular tasks and apps on your phone you can, thanks to the dual-screen mode.

No word on pricing or exactly when it's going to land but, if priced competitively, HTC could have a tasty little accessory on its hands with the Media Link HD.

Writing by Paul Lamkin.