It's small, it's cute, and we've already grabbed a quick hands-on with the mid-range Android handset. Gaining the "S" moniker, just like the HTC Desire S, and HTC Incredible S, the Wildfire S is the new phone that replaces last years successful HTC Wildfire.

Gone is the optical trackpad, the resolution of the display has been doubled bringing with it a much crisper experience that should make the company's Sense UI look all the more the prettier. You'll now get Gingerbread flavoured Android and that's about it.

As for speed went were really able to do any tests as yet, even though we've played with the phone twice now - once before Mobile World Congress and again once at Mobile World Congress - but don't expect anything ground braking - this is Android on budget remember.

With specs that aren't to be laughed at the great build quality - it's got HTC's unibody design - this should do well when it launches in the next couple of months.

Expect more of an in-depth look of the new Wildfire S smartphone once we've spent longer with the new handset.

Check out how the Wildfire S compares to the older model