Latest HP phone reviews

Can the transforming HP Elite X3 smartphone replace your desktop and laptop PCs?
Can the transforming HP Elite X3 smartphone replace your desktop and laptop PCs? By Rik Henderson

We've seen devices of this ilk before, not least in the form of the Motorola Atrix 4G released a staggering five years ago, but HP believes it has overcome... Read more

HP Pre 3
4.0 stars HP Pre 3 By Ian Morris

The HP Pre 3 is the latest in a line of similarly-styled handsets from the now defunct Palm division of HP. Each model has improved the original's excellent... Read more

HP Veer hands-on
HP Veer hands-on By Stuart Miles

HP launched the Veer at the beginning of the February. We know we’ve already brought you a first hands-on of it at the time, but now the dust has... Read more

HP Veer, TouchPad, and Pre3 first hands-on
HP Veer, TouchPad, and Pre3 first hands-on By Elyse Betters

After months of waiting, teasing, leaks and all the rest, HP has announced the launch of the HP Veer, the HP TouchPad and the Pre3. Pocket-lint was in... Read more

HP iPAQ 914c Business Messenger mobile phone
4.0 stars HP iPAQ 914c Business Messenger mobile phone By Katie Scott

The iPAQ 914 may aimed at business users, but, with its ease of use and media features as well as the office tools that come with Windows Mobile 6.1, it’s... Read more

HP iPAQ 214 Enterprise PDA
4.0 stars HP iPAQ 214 Enterprise PDA By Mike Browne

In this age where being able to communicate with others is often top of the list of priorities, it seems a little strange that HP should continue to roll... Read more

HP iPAQ 614c Business Navigator mobile phone
3.5 stars HP iPAQ 614c Business Navigator mobile phone By Stuart Miles

The new HP iPAQ 614c Business Navigator promises to be your office in your pocket, but can it? We get working remotely to find out. So what do you get... Read more

HP mscape
4.0 stars HP mscape By Stuart Miles

HP has launched a new social networking service that hopes to overlay digital sight, sound and interactions with GPS-enabled devices at its Making Connections... Read more

HP iPaq rx5900 Travel Companion
4.5 stars HP iPaq rx5900 Travel Companion By Mike Browne

Before the iPod, there was the HP iPaq, which for a number of years was as synonymous with PDAs as Apple is with MP3 players. However, until now the company... Read more

HP rx1950 with ViaMichelin GPS Cradle
1.0 stars HP rx1950 with ViaMichelin GPS Cradle By Stuart Miles

We like the Michelin system of awarding stars to restaurants that perform. After all how else would we allow Gordon Ramsay to get away with all that foul... Read more

4.5 stars HP hw6915 - EXCLUSIVE By Stuart Miles

HP�s latest PDA-come-Smartphone is the company�s answer to try and take on Research In Motion and its BlackBerry 8700 model, and with more features... Read more

HP IPAQ HW6515 Mobile Messenger
3.5 stars HP IPAQ HW6515 Mobile Messenger By Mike Browne

Just as the great unwashed now think that all things MP3 is called an iPod, so there was a time when all handheld devices were simply known as iPAQs. This... Read more

HP iPAQ HX2750
3.5 stars HP iPAQ HX2750 By Mike Browne

When it comes to choosing a Pocket PC there is little or no need to look elsewhere than at the HP iPAQ line-up. The company has dominated the market since... Read more

HP IPAQ HX2410 pda
4.0 stars HP IPAQ HX2410 pda By Mike Browne

The HP iPAQ range has been given an overhaul in recent months. However, it has taken the company until now to change the design of its biggest selling... Read more

4.0 stars HP IPAQ HX4700 By Mike Browne

Your choice of PDA says as much about you as your mobile phone or your choice of notebook. Opt for something basic and the likelihood is that you'll use... Read more

HP iPAQ rx3715
4.0 stars HP iPAQ rx3715 By Mike Browne

If you already own a PDA then there is little incentive upgrading. If all you want to do is keep track of your contacts and appointments, even the cheapest... Read more

HP iPaq 4150
4.0 stars HP iPaq 4150 By Stuart Miles

Every time we get a new PocketPC in to Pocket-Lint tower, it seems to offer more features for less money and the HP iPaq 4150 isn’t about to buck the... Read more

4.0 stars HP IPAQ H5550 By Kenneth Henry

What price would you put on a product working first time from setup to switch-on, and its drivers not interfering with your PC's normal operation? For... Read more

HP IPAQ 2210
4.5 stars HP IPAQ 2210 By Kenneth Henry

HP's pre-Compaq takeover range of PDAs was led by the Jornada, placed carefully in a Bond film in 1999. While the top of the range iPAQ 5550 also looks... Read more

HP iPAQ h5450
4.0 stars HP iPAQ h5450 By Stuart Miles

While the iPAQ h1910 is small and dainty, neither of these words can be used for the iPAQ h5450. Half the size of a DVD when you put its protective case... Read more

HP iPAQ h1910
4.0 stars HP iPAQ h1910 By Stuart Miles

Pocket PC's are a strange breed of fish. Some are the size of small laptops whilst others would fit comfortable in your jean pocket. The HP iPAQ h1910... Read more

Compaq Ipaq 3970
4.0 stars Compaq Ipaq 3970 By Chris Hall

There are a formidable number of players in market shooting to be the most expensive thing in your pocket, and the Ipaq has done consistently well for... Read more