The world loves a shiny white smartphone and it seems that both Google and Vodafone are aware of this as together they bring the exclusive that is the white Google Nexus S Android phone.

Rocking the Gingerbread version the open source mobile OS, the pretty handset has been snapped up the UK's Newbury-based operator and should be hitting the shelves within a handful of weeks. While the prices on the white Nexus S haven't been worked out yet, Pocket-lint has got its hands on one and this is what it's like.

white google nexus s hands on image 4

Funnily enough, sitting on its back, it looks almost no different to the standard Nexus S. The entire front surface is the same one piece, edge-to-edge glass covering that 4-inch Super AMOLED display and, yep, it's still all black. However, get a profile view or pick the thing up and your eyes are met with a very attractive, lightly spotted white gloss chassis.

The weight of the device belies what is a premium look and feel as you realise that it's a plastic build. All the same, it's no less appealing to use and hold. While you might initially feel that you've been done, given that the front surface is the same old black, there's a nice surprise when you open the Nexus S up and find out that the white finish isn't just skin deep.

white google nexus s hands on image 11

The hardware configurations and buttons are just the same as before with lines so smooth and an appearance so minimal that it's actually quite hard to work out where the on button is until you discover it. Other than that, the only other blemishes on the body are the single strip volume rocker control, the micro USB connector on the bottom edge and the 3.5mm jack next to it, and the phone is delightfully finished off with a elegant curve giving it the most subtle version of the "chin" made famous by the G1, HTC Hero et al.

The bottom line is that we'd rather not have given it back. It might not have that assurance that comes with HTC's all metal bodies but, my, it's pretty and the exclusive colour is the icing on the cake.