We’ve got our hands on the Google Nexus S, made by Samsung, and thought it was only fair to bring you a gallery of the new Android 2.3 handset for your viewing pleasure. 

It bears a resemblance to the Samsung Galaxy S, but has a gently curved screen and curvier ends, so it sits better in the hand. It is still made from plastic, rather than from aluminium as some might have wanted; it feels solid, but lightweight and well balanced.

The biggest upgrade over the Nexus One is the AMOLED display, which is not only hugely responsive, but gives you deep, deep, blacks and vibrant colours. Compared side by side with the Samsung Galaxy S, we’d have to say that the Nexus S looked clearer, which is quite a feat.

Elsewhere you’ll find a 5-megapixel camera on the back supported by an LED flash and a forward facing camera, with the Android 2.3 operating system now natively supporting two cameras. With Android 2.3 also supporting various VoIP functions, we suspect that video calling will be coming along really soon - let’s hope Skype gets in on the party.

The thing that these photos don't show is the touch-sensitive controls across the bottom. These are backlit, but Google told us that as this wasn't a final device, they weren't operating as they will at retail. Basically they are back, menu, search and home, as you'd expect.

We’ve covered all the specs of the Google Nexus S here, and we’ve compared the specs with the Nexus One here and the Samsung Galaxy S here. We’re now putting our thoughts down on paper to bring you our first impressions in a First Look review.  Needless to say, impressions are good, but stay tuned and we’ll update when it’s done.