Latest Dell phone reviews

First Look: Dell Venue Pro
First Look: Dell Venue Pro By Stuart Miles

Windows Phone 7 is all about the consumer isn't it? There can't be any room for a QWERTY based smartphone aimed at business folk surely? In steps the... Read more

Dell Streak
4.0 stars Dell Streak By Chris Hall

What are you Dell Streak? Are you a phone? Are you a tablet? Are you just an Android thing? Where do you sit in the order of must-have gadgets out there,... Read more

Dell Axim X50v
4.0 stars Dell Axim X50v By Mike Browne

When it comes to designing Pocket PC devices there are very few unique designs. All tend to follow the example of the market leading HP iPAQ. Not Dell.... Read more

Dell Axim X3 Wireless PDA
4.0 stars Dell Axim X3 Wireless PDA By Andy Lynn

November 11 2003 Dell is the direct PC king whose latest PDA range has been eagerly awaited by PDA enthusiasts. Like the X5 range Dell has ramped up a... Read more