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(Pocket-lint) - One of the things we liked about the BlackBerry 8800 was the built-in GPS receiver than means getting lost again was a theoretical thing of the past.

That said, one of the things we didn't like about the BlackBerry 8800 was the GPS mapping software that came with the unit; BlackBerry maps.

In steps Telmap, with its solution Telmap Navigation 3.0 for the 8800. Currently only available for the top of the range BlackBerry, the software aims to make navigation on the handheld considerably easier. So does it succeed, or did we get hopelessly lost?

Once downloaded any transferred over to the device the application syncs in with the GPS receiver on board and away you go.

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Just like regular SatNav applications there is the usual array of "Where to...", postcode entry and vocal driving instructions that can be accessed.

Going beyond what some satnav applications offer, Telmap Navigation 3.0 also offers other useful features such as Where am I? and the ability to give you dedicated walking directions.

In tests and all these work perfectly with the Telmap software actually understanding what walking is, unlike the offering from CoPilot which expects you to walk across fields and motorways. Vocal instructions are automatically turned off and one way streets for example are ignored.

Lacking a Points Of Interest option, Telmap has addressed (sorry) the problem by allowing you to enter places of business instead, so Hotel, Bagshot for example will let you find hotels in Bagshot. The system works reasonably well, and you can do it for a host of different things ranging from finding your nearest Starbucks to pizza takeaway - all important business tools.

The response is similar to Google Maps and we found it certainly easier than scrolling through numerous Points Of Interest to find what we were after.


Simple to use and easy to operate there has to be a catch? And you would be right. The catch is the price. Rather than paying a one-off fee with maps of the UK and Ireland on a MicroSD card, TelMap Navigation is priced on a monthly or yearly subscription.

To have UK and Ireland it's £4.99 a month and if you want more than that - i.e., America and Europe it's £6.99. There is a discount for taking a whole year, but its still £50 and upwards.

Doesn't sound too bad, but then you have to add your own mobile operator data costs on top of this offering and if that's abroad it could leave you with a nasty sting in your bill at the end of the month.

Overall a very good package, but make sure you are on a decent data package or it will cost you considerably more than you were expecting.

Writing by Stuart Miles. Originally published on 19 July 2007.