We've seen a lot of the BlackBerry Z10 in the past week or so since launch, including spending several hours with the black version before the press announcement, more since for our upcoming no-stone-left-unturned review, and even spotting a red one lurking about at BlackBerry Jam in Amsterdam.

However, we had not managed to get our hands on the white version, which is currently exclusive to Phones 4u in the UK. Until now, that is.

Before we have a look at the handset itself, this is purely a look at the design of the white handset. We explored the functions, specifications and feature set of the phone - and BlackBerry 10 - in quite some depth in our hands-on review published on launch day. We thoroughly recommend you check that out.

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For now, we're going to concentrate on what you get with the white edition, how it looks and what comes in the box.

The large box we received from Phones 4u contains more than we expected. Not only is there the phone itself, a separate battery that you have to install, a USB cable, plug and white headphones, but there's also a protective case, with a red cover and black back. We're not sure if this is a Phones 4u exclusive or a higher-end set for special customers/those who pre-ordered, but it's a nice surprise as none of the black ones we've seen came with such a thing. [Update] The case was actually included in the reviewers edition of the phone, not the consumer one, sorry. It's to show what is also available to buy separately.

Of course, you could wonder why the case - as it would obscure 75 per cent of the white phone most of the time. Indeed, as the 4.2-inch HD screen is black and has a black bezel, save for a couple of bars top and bottom, you'd wonder why you'd need a white phone at all if you're going to use a case, but it is a nice case.

The phone itself is made of the same plastic-like material as the black version, and is also matte on the rear, sides and the two exposed strips on the front. Whether this will attract more dirt than the gloss white Samsung Galaxy S III, for example, we don't know. We'd have to use it a lot longer to find out.

The matte finish does feel nicer in the hand, however. And it feels less cheap than the shiny polycarbonate used on the Samsung flagship. When held alongside an iPhone 5, though, it's not in the same class as the brushed aluminium on the Apple device's underside.

Where it does more than hold it's own against the iPhone is in the shade of white. When compared directly, the BlackBerry Z10 looks much brighter in colour. It's that matte finish again. Hold an iPhone 5 up on its own and it looks great; against the BB Z10 it's slightly yellowish.

The Samsung Galaxy S III does compete on this score.

Other than that, technically it is identical to the black version, so it's horses for courses. We're partial to a white smartphone, however, so are pleased BlackBerry has launched with the colour scheme as an option.

You can get the white BlackBerry Z10 from Phones 4u with packages starting at £33. However, that will set you back £69 for the phone, so you should perhaps check out the £36 a month, 24-month contract where the Z10 will be free.

Phones 4u also does a 4G package with EE. The phone will cost you £79.99 and the monthly charge will be £36 a month for 24-months for 500MB data allowance.

Find out more at phones4u.co.uk.