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(Pocket-lint) - How much do you like crystals? How much do you like BlackBerry? If the answer to both of those is a lot, this might be the BlackBerry Bold 9900 you've been waiting for  - and pom which Pocket-lint's been having a play.

Specially commissioned for Harrods to mark the launch of the shop's new Tech Store in Knightsbridge, the Harrods BlackBerry Bold 9900 White isn't any ordinary BB smartphone, but one that has been decorated in Swarovski elements, crystals to you and me, and comes complete with its own walnut keep-safe box in which to keep it nice and clean.

Pocket-lintharrods swarovski blackberry bold 9900 white pictures and hands on image 7

Oh and there are only 20 off them in existence.

The case - let's start with that - is made from a single piece of walnut and carries a specific number engraved into the inside of the lid so you know which one of the 20 you have.

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If you were thinking about snapping up either number 1 or 7, stop right there. Harrods tell us a customer has already bought them for his wife and daughter.

Pocket-lintharrods swarovski blackberry bold 9900 white pictures and hands on image 9

The case is split into two levels, with the inner tray housing your phone and the magical looking back cover, while a second layer - just like in a box of chocolates - stores the battery, power charger, cables, and some other bits and bobs.

As for the phone, the removable back cover is the bit that is covered in the Swarovski elements making it sparkle like nothing you've seen before, while the phone, a standard BlackBerry Bold 9900 is left untouched.  

The set also comes with BlackBerry VIP support service in case something goes wrong - let's hope not.

Yours for £2,499. 

Writing by Stuart Miles.