Asus showcased its newest offering the Asus ZenFone Selfie at its press conference in Taipei today ahead of Computex 2015 this week, promising users the ultimate selfie whenever they need to snap themselves. 

As the name suggests, the primary function of the ZenFone Selfie is to take selfies, and comes with both a front and rear 13-megapixel camera. The rear has a 2.0 aperture, and laser autofocus. A quick play with the cameras and the laser autofocus seem pretty nifty, and a series of quick snaps was 80 per cent successful in a crowded environment, but let's not forget that the point is the front camera and all it can do for the selfie-lover.

The front camera has a respectable 2.2 aperture and an 88 degree viewing angle making it plenty wide enough to snap you and your surroundings. Both cameras benefit from a dual LED flash, where a white and yellow light combine to prevent your face from becoming washed out by the flash and the result is a more natural looking skintone.

On the selfie side of things there is your now-almost-standard built-in Beautification mode that allows you to preview your image with enlarged eyes, thinner cheeks, softened or smoothed skin tone and so on, and even a blush option (sadly not available in preview) should you need to add a touch of virtual make-up to your self-portrait. 

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There's a 5 second-timer feature too, which gives you just enough time to suck in those cheeks or put on your best pout. The Selfie swing takes it a notch up with a frame which can swing out to provide a better angle to shoot from without the dreaded tell-tale twisted arm getting into your shot. 

Of course you never know when the urge to snap a quick shot of yourself looking awesome will strike and speed may well be of the essence to capture that look of surprise on your face, which is why Asus have eliminated the need to fiddle with the interface to get to selfie mode. If your screen is locked you can simply swipe an S shape onto the screen to instantly activate the front camera into insta-selfie mode.

Both cameras feature a low-light mode that allows for a more natural looking shot when, for example, you're out clubbing, and failing that you can opt to have the flash turn into a light for filming video.

Looking at the colours on offer it's no surprise that Asus' market research in Asia found that females aged 18-30 take a significantly higher percentage of selfies than other users. The team then presumably extrapolated from that the target user would go for pastel or "girlie" shades, and so you have a pale pink, green and turquoise on offer, as well as white.

For those who consider themselves to be perhaps a touch more on the adult end of the spectrum there's a more expensive looking brushed metal finish available in grey, gold and red. Of these last three we far preferred the gold and grey, which brought out the curves nicely. In the flesh, the pastels looked cheap and flat and the red was a touch too "tarty" for our likely. You know what they say about girls that wear red shoes...

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The handset is, as mentioned curved so as to allow for a better grip while holding your phone at arm's length. It also feels quite nice when you're holding the handset to complete normal tasks such as surfing the web, sending messages or, imagine, making a call.

There's a macro mode on the camera allowing for shots as close as 6cm. Perfect for bringing out the detail on the sushi you're having for dinner.

The display is a very healthy 400nits and 1920 x 1080 Full HD. The Gorilla Glass 4 screen is a fairly standard 5.5 inches. The Selfie runs the ZenUI, based on Android's Lollipop and is powered by Qualcomm's Snapdragon 615 and so should deliver a solid performance There's a 3000mAh battery and the whole package weighs in at a respectable 170g.

With all the space you'll be taking up with your selfies you’ll be glad to know that the microSD option enables you to have up to 128GB of memory (handsets come with 32 or 64GB built-in).

The Asus ZenFone Selfie is due to launch in the autumn, but there's no solid release date for the UK as of yet.