Apple's iPhone 5C is official and we've grabbed one to have a quick play with, just to see how colourful it really is. 

The new phone which will replace the iPhone 5, features many of the same insides, but replaces the metal back and glass back with a hard-shelled polycarbonate body that has been reinforced with a steel skeleton that doubles as the antenna. 

Technology aside, the plastic outer, which is meant to represent a more youthful product and one that is more playful is shiny-smooth to touch, but feels very much a part of the phone rather than something that could be peeled off after some use. 

The polycarbonate has a very different feel from other "plastic" devices on the market at the moment and feels more of a return to the same finish - but in an array of colours - to the iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS. 

iphone 5c pictures and hands on image 25

As for the colours, it was poor light in the demo area in Berlin, but they aren't as "in your face" as we were expecting, with more of a pastel hue to them rather than a robust colour. It will be interesting to see what they look like in natural daylight. The additional cases, are fun.  

The only other real cosmetic change is the home button, the same as before and not featuring the new fingerprint TouchID scanner. It seemed to fit tighter in the hole and be a better fit that our own iPhone 5. 

There isn't that much beyond that for the iPhone 5C other than it will come with iOS 7 when it launches on the 20 September in the UK and the US.