Apple has announced the new iPhone 5, complete with a bigger screen, faster 4G LTE connection and a host of other power-ups. But should you be lusting over it or has Apple missed the boat altogether with this launch? We've had a play with the new smartphone at the Apple iPhone 5 launch event in London in order to find out.

iPhone 5: What's the difference to the iPhone 4S?

Yep, the rumours have been mostly true. In is a new screen, a thinner design and more treats to make your current iPhone look like something you need to ditch fast.

The main aesthetical difference is that it's taller than the iPhone 4S, thinner and lighter. Very much lighter. Enough that we instantly felt the difference compared to the iPhone 4S. It also has an aluminium back, that gives it a very different feel in the hand.

Its Retina display is 4-inches, with a 1136 x 640 resolution and features a widescreen aspect ratio for the first time (for an Apple phone), that means movies and TV shows should play without any annoying black lines top or bottom.

The elongated touchscreen also allows for a new fifth row of apps, but apart from that it works in a similar way. 

The best way to look at it is that the iPhone 5 is like your husband or wife who has gone away to a country retreat and come back looking great - everything seems familiar, but at the same time much better.

The screen is now longer, but with the same width. The processor is faster so apps load quicker, although the interface is still very much what you are expecting.

While other phone manufacturers are constantly re-inventing themselves and their designs every year, Apple's approach is a more subtle change. You'll know it is different the moment you see it, like a friend losing weight, but they are still the same old friend underneath.

iPhone 5 release date, all the details, and how it is different to the iPhone 4S

So what's it actually like to use? Well, our time was brief, but it's fast, and noticeably much faster than the iPhone 4S. The screen is just as crisp as before - it's virtually the same but longer - and the maps look lovely too. 

Basically, from what we've seen, if you've been looking forward to an upgrade you'll want one straight away. If you've already gone Android or Windows Phone, this is unlikely to tempt you back. Especially with the lack of NFC.

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The new Apple iPhone will be available in the UK on 21 September on all networks. Pre-orders open for business on 14 September.

iPhone 5 release date and all the details