Well, well, well - what have we here? If it isn't the white iPhone 4, strutting its stuff and causing quite a stir, despite being around 9 months late on arrival.

The tardy telephone goes on sale around the world today (28 April), it was originally due in late July 2010, and Pocket-lint just had to gets its mucky paws on it to see if it was worth the wait.

white iphone 4 on sale now we go hands on image 3

And you know what? It most definitely was. Well, if you just love the thought of a white iPhone 4 that is - for people happy with their iPhone 4 noir, or members of the anti-Apple brigade it's a definite "meh".

In terms of looks, you're likely to approve of the paler iPhone 4 if you liked the white iPad 2 over its black brethren. It's all down to choice really.

Rumours of a slightly different design to the original seem to be wide of the mark as the form factor of the white device is exactly the same. All the buttons, ports and lines are in the same place and, although the white shade does appear to make it look a tad thinner at first sight, its dimensions haven't altered - not even by a single mm.

Basically, Apple has taken 9 months to do what the likes of LG, Samsung and BlackBerry have done, and what it itself has done before, in a much shorter time period - simply releasing a white version of an existing device.

white iphone 4 on sale now we go hands on image 2

And as such, you'd be forgiven for being a bit cynical about the white iPhone 4. With a next-gen iPhone 5 looking unlikely for the usual early summer release (September now seems to be the most likely) Apple has successfully managed to keep us guessing and speculating, thus the white iPhone 4 is getting the same sort of attention usually afforded to a new device.

Was there really a problem with its manufacture, or has it all just been a clever PR stunt from the Cupertino collective?