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(Pocket-lint) - Mobile phone technology is moving fast - blink and before you know it you'll miss the next three iterations of the Android platform.

In steps, Emporia, an Austrian company that believes it has the answer for those who want a mobile, but can't be fussed with all the latest "mod cons" and in terms of demographics this includes the older generation. So does the Emporia TALKpremium have the answer? We showed it to a person advanced in years to find out.

emporia talk premium image 2

To appreciate the TALKpremium you have to step out of the technology bubble that you've probably been in for the last decade. Yes, we know that you're probably packing the latest smartphone, watch only HD television and know that when we talk about "The Cloud" we aren't talking about the weather.

The 3-year-old in your life might know how to download an app, but not everyone is as confident with technology and so this phone appears to go some way in addressing this. The practical upshot is that for some a phone is simply a device for making calls whilst out and about, with push email and phone apps extraneous for many people.

Now that we've set the scene, so to speak, we come to the Emporia TALKpremium. The concept is to keep it simple and to keep it easy to use.

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That means there are no apps, no internet browsing, not even a menu to navigate. It's just for making calls and sending SMS text messages.

With that in mind the design is tailored to suit those needs. Rather than a phone that is dominated by a touchscreen display, the TALKpremium's front is dominated by the keypad. The keys are massive as are the numbers that sit on them. You won't need to worry about glasses with this puppy.

If that wasn't enough to put the visually impaired at ease, then the answer and hang up buttons are even bigger.

The sides are littered with buttons, all big, all tactile, that help you get to elements of the handset's functions quickly. If you want to SMS, there is a dedicated button for that. Want to set an alarm, there's a button for that too. There is even a built-in torch so you'll be able to find your way in the dark - it's actually not that great and really only handy for finding stuff at the bottom of your bag or your door lock at night.

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But the piece de resistance is a pull out tray that allows you to write, in Biro no less, your five favourite numbers on it, plus your own if you really can't be fussed with working out the phone's phone book feature.

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This really is a phone for people that hate technology.

Inside and there is no Qualcomm Snapdragron processor, no digital camera or MP3 player, instead the phone boasts features such as being able to work with hearing aids, an extra powerful and large vibrating motor, that really is loud and vibrating, so you can really feel and hear it going off.

If that wasn't enough to get SAGA members excited, the font on the screen is bloody large too, on an orange background that is easy to read. As you might expect from a phone that offers virtually nothing the battery lasts, certainly compared to the state of the art smartphones, an eternity - 180 hours standby at least.

In use, the words "basic, simple and easy" come to mind. Our "over 50" loved it. She found the phone incredibly easy to use and loved the built-in torch. The large numbers meant that she didn't need to search for her glasses every time to use it and the pull-out number draw was described as "very handy".


Okay, so it's not going to be the phone that doubles up as a gateway to your internet world or one that allows you to keep up to date with your mates on Facebook, however it will be the phone that lets you make a phone call and more importantly one that you won't need a degree in gadgets to work out how to use.

From a "tech support for your parents" moment, that means only praise and good news for you.  

At £100 this might be one of the more expensive Pay-As-You-Go handsets out there (it is cheaper than the company's first offering, the Emporia Life), but you just know that your mum and her new phone will be the hot topic at the local WI meeting.

Writing by Stuart Miles. Originally published on 3 January 2010.