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(Pocket-lint) - Joby have been making bendable camera tripods for a number of years now so it's about time that the company starts taking that tech and spinning it out to allow it to be used on other devices.

The Gorillamobile, as you might expect, allows you to attach any mobile phone, small camera or just about anything really under 300 grams to the "bendypod" via four different interchangeable clips in the box.

Rather than just offer you a tripod slot as the company have done previously, you get a suction cup, two adhesive clips, and a universal camera adapter. While the adhesive clips will give you a prolonged fixing, the one that you'll find yourself using is the suction cup.

The suction cup clamps to the back of your device and then slots into the tripod for you to position and hang where you please. As long as you've got a smooth surface (it won't work on the leatherette BlackBerry Bold back for example) then you are good to go.

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The suction cup will officially hold 275 grams of gadget, while the universal camera adapter takes 325 grams. That's more than enough for most MP3 players and phones.

For those not entirely familiar with the bendy nature of the Joby Gorilla products, it is basically a series of links (like a spinal cord) that can be bent around pretty much anything, making this device idea for setting up in the gym, the back of a car headrest for the kids or on a plane because the in flight entertainment is rubbish.


We had suction issues to begin with, however once we had worked out the locking mechanism and made sure everything was clean, the tripod got to work propping our iPhone 3GS in place.

The Gorillapod, the original product, is a great tripod for anyone's camera bag and this, if you are into watching movies or wanting to prop up your MP3 player, compact camera, pocket camcorder is just as good.

Now all you have to do is convince yourself what you are going to need/want it for.

Writing by Stuart Miles. Originally published on 1 September 2009.