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(Pocket-lint) - The need to charge gadgets on the move is often seen as something of a luxury, so this mini-charger from Proporta could just give you the extra boost you need.

It comes with two ports, the first is a full sized USB port you use for charging the battery itself directly from your PC or notebook, while the second is a mini-USB port for connecting to the portable device that needs charging.

A row blue five LED lights indicates how much charge is left in the battery pack. It can store up to 1700mAh of power, which isn’t going to charge a notebook but for smaller gadgets it's fine.

It ships with a variety of attachments, ranging from iPods to a variety of smartphones but its worth checking with the website before buying to see if your gear is supported.

Once charged you’ll find the five LED lights are lit. There is a small power switch, so you can turn the battery pack on and off so it won’t discharge as quick when you’re carrying it around.

We used it to charge our iPod as well as a smartphone and found it could charge both to full on an overnight trip before we needed to charge the battery itself. Naturally, the amount of power your devices need to draw from the battery pack will reflect in how long it lasts but it’s worth the asking price.


If you're looking to limit the number of cables and chargers you take with you on your travels the Proporta Mobile Survival Kit Micro works well and it's small and compact size is definitely an advantage.

Writing by Stuart Miles. Originally published on 7 March 2008.