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(Pocket-lint) - The Sense is the latest Bluetooth headset from Bluetrek and promises a lightweight, stylish design with great call quality. But can it perform? We get calling to find out.

Weighing in at 8 grams and measuring 50mm (L) x 15mm (W) in size, the headset offers a black mirror-like finish and the boast to be the first in the Bluetrek range to offer touch-sensitive technology.

That touch sensitive isn't however as impressive as it sounds when you delve a bit deeper as the company has still opted for a physical on/off button tucked out of sight next to the earpiece on the inner side.

Instead the touch sensitive comes from a separate call/answer button. No slide, no pressure sensor just a touch sensitive button hidden into the glossy casing on the outer side.

Quibbles about sensitivity aside, the unit is small and fairly comfortable to wear although the metal hook, which comes in two sizes that are virtually identical, will rub after a while as there is no padding. Bluetrek do ship the device with 3 earpieces to fit your ear, but we didn't have much success with any of them. If you do opt for the metal hook, on the upside it's thin enough to wear while wearing your glasses.

Device status is all done via a dual-coloured LED display to let you know when battery levels are low while a built-in "Voice Alert" can also confirm your choice of function by saying the function, or selection, out loud via the touch sensitive button.

Stated battery times are around 4 hours for talk and around 5 days for standby.

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Charging is done via a regular AC adapter.

When it comes to call quality, the Sense performs well, but nothing out of the ordinary. We could hear voice calls and people could hear us, although without a volume control on the device you'll have to make sure your mobile phone volume is good enough.


Overall the Bluetrek Sense Bluetooth headset is a run of the mill device that performs well, but doesn't break any moulds.

Compared against the Jawbone or the recently reviewed Motorola H12 it's not going to win.

Middle of the road stuff really.

Writing by Stuart Miles.