The Matias Armor for iPhone: a cage of an iPhone case promises to "Protect the one you love". But does it? We get knocking to find out. 

Maitias approach is not to bother with leather, silicon or invisible coverings, but go for full out toughness with aircraft-grade aluminium.

The black or silver metal shell gives you a tough look and those worried about increase size and weight adds just 35 grams to the overall weight and millimetres to the size. Of course it's not all metal, inside and there is a neoprene lining inside to offer cushioned protection.

Although the Armor covers your iPhone from bumps and scratches, the casing still allows full access to the screen, sleep buttons, headphone socket, volume and docking ports. Although you will need a dock extender if you want to dock your iPhone in the provided Apple dock the phone comes with.

Matias has also included a 360 degree swivel belt clip and lanyard - handy if you are short on pockets and want to wear your iPhone with pride, although both are optional.


Stylish and strong, the Matias Armor should do the trick when it comes to stopping you getting general scratches and knocks. However, with the screen on full display there is nothing to stop those worries about screen scratches.

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