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(Pocket-lint) - You've got your shiny iPhone, and probably like most, petrified of getting it scratched, after all that 3.5-inch screen is rather lovely. In steps the Aluminium-lined leather sheepskin and Aluminium-lined leather cases from Porporta for the iPhone. But can these black and pink cases respectively protect your iPhone? We get bashing to find out.

Opting for the executive approach rather than the all metal affair from Matias, the proporta cases allow the iPhone to be slotted in and out easily.

Locking in place by snugly fitting between three clips rather than anything solid or permanent it means you have full access to all the sockets and buttons quickly without having to fight fiddly catches or clips to get your iPhone out for docking.

That doesn't mean however that you'll be lucky enough to keep it in the case when docked - you won't - but at least it's not a bugger to get out.

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Protected front and back there is a hole for the camera to peek through and when closed the case doesn't impede the headphone jack.

The case might sport a soft looking shell from the outside, however it is actually lined with aluminium giving it a tougher-than-it-looks strength.

To recap

The cases do add to the overall size of the iPhone quite dramatically making Apple's mobile phone unlikely to fit in your pocket

Writing by Stuart Miles.