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(Pocket-lint) - Can newcomer Fly Mobile impress with its latest pre-paid handset in the UK? We take a closer look.

Available exclusively from Woolworths in the UK, the Fly Mobile SL600 is trying to appeal to the Pick and Mix market with a dirt cheap price and a host of features including a 2 megapixel camera and stereo Bluetooth.

In fact, for your money, you get quite a lot from the slider design that looks like the Samsung D500 from many moons ago.

That design is well-built and fairly solid for the price and the interface is simple to use and again looks like the Samsung offering before it switched over to the Ultra platform that its phones currently support.

With a 2 megapixel camera you'll be able to snap images up to 1600 x 1200-pixels and this is fine for web use or sharing funny moments with friends down the pub. Not being a camera-focused device there is no focusing options, although to do get an LED flash light for dark situations. There is also video recording support.

When it comes to music, the SL600 offers MP3 software and Stereo Bluetooth support so you can ditch the wires.

Sadly the music performance isn't great out of the box, however you can improve this by buying a better set of headphones. Problem solved.

Also featured on the SL600 is an FM radio that lets users record live radio at the touch of a button or schedule a recording to start at a certain time.

Recordings can be saved to the phone's internal memory or a microSD card.

While Fly Mobile claim this to be a world's first we guess they're not that au fait with the Nokia 3300 that can record from the integrated FM radio, and has been able to do so for sometime. Still it's a good feature to have and one that is welcomed in the £60 price tag.

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To recap

For those on a budget, you'll struggle to beat this offering

Writing by Stuart Miles.