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(Pocket-lint) - Where are you supposed to put your phone in your car. I know you aren't supposed to use it in the car - well not unless you've got a Bluetooth headset, but that still leaves you with the question of where do you put it?

Luckily for me, I've got a handy cup hole on my dashboard (complete with legal warning suggesting that contents of any cup in the cup hole might be hot and that drinking while driving isn't recommended) but some cars don't have that handy cup hole, and so it's in the side pocket or anywhere else you can find.

In steps Phone Tredz, a bit of grippy silicon elastomer that promises to help prevent handheld devices from being dropped or slipping from dashboards.

The grips, which come in a number of different sizes, shapes and colours to suit a phone or pda of your choice, simply peel off their backing and stick to your device like a bad rash.

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Once on, the grips have amazing powers of holding and in some cases we found almost defy gravity - the company says the egrip will hold without slipping on slopes with angles of more than 45 degrees and we had trouble proving them wrong.

Those worried that you're beautiful handset will look tarnished needn't be - unless of course you go for the truly tacky leopard print deign - and the total thickness of the product is less than 0.5mm. Better still the Phone Tredz don't seem to make a mark when removing them although we found that the sticker won't work as well if reapplied.

The only catch we can find is that although you can buy a set of random pieces, ready made designs for phones mainly focus on older models rather than the latest and greatest (it's almost worth visiting the site for the memory trip).


If you live in a shiny slidey world and want your phone to do the opposite then the Phone Tredz is the answer.

We have to admit our first impressions were slightly weary and along the lines of "Do I really want to stick this to my phone?" However after a day of trial we can see that not only does it work, but 2 weeks on and the stickers are still there impressing us.

You can buy Phone Tredz online at www.egrips-uk.com

Writing by Stuart Miles.