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(Pocket-lint) - Sometimes you don't want an all singing all dancing PDA come Smartphone with its QWERTY keyboard and built-in mobile phone. You want to keep things simple.

In steps the Loox c550 the latest PDA from Fujitsu-Siemens, a PDA that offers all the basics without getting beyond its station.

The most defining feature of the 116 x 71 x 14mm and 164 gram model its large 3.5-inch 65K VGA display that means you get a decent view of most applications or web pages you decide to look at.

The design leaves room for little else although Fujitsu-Siemens has managed to squeeze the usual four quick access buttons and a d-pad at the bottom of the screen on the front of the display.

The top offers an SD card slot for memory expansion beyond the units core 128MB ROM and 64MB RAM and there is even a mic for dictating notes for later.

Other hardware features include the fast Intel PXA270 520MHz processor and integrated Bluetooth and Wi-Fi so you can connect to the Internet or your mobile phone.

The new Loox C550 is one of the first to use Microsoft's new Windows Mobile 5 operating system and this of course means that users will be able to benefit from Microsoft's push email technology similar to that offered in RIM's BlackBerry.

In addition users will also get updated versions of Word, Excel, Media Player and now PowerPoint. And more importantly, for those who like to forget to charge their PDA on a regular basis, Persistent Memory, which ensures program and data loss is avoided when at low battery levels, is also included.

Desk junkies will also be pleased to hear that they will get a docking cradle in the box, however also an additional charging cable that means you don't have to lug it with you when you hit the road.


While the Loox C550 won't offer enough for the true road warrior, it does offer a simply solution to those looking for just a PDA without all the faff.

What we especially like about the C550 is that what it does, it does not only very well, but extremely fast.

Sometimes you don't want to be fussed with all the latest bells and whistles but want a unit that works well and fast. The C550 certainly does that. Offering Wi-Fi so you can stay connected and a brilliantly clear crisp screen this is ideal for anyone just looking for a PDA to do what they do best - act as an electronic version of your diary.

Writing by Stuart Miles. Originally published on 10 April 2006.