With the world of gadgets moving faster than a speeding bullet it's nice to take some time out and remember the past now and then.

The Mayfair Classic telephone from telephonedepot is a replica of those old fashion phones that your grandparents used to have in the hall way next to the bench seat with the notepad on it.

The black gloss plastic (unfortunately not bakelite for the purists out there) the phone is overly large and big, but then that's the way you should like it.

The classic dial front is still present, but the numbers have been changed to push buttons rather than the old circular movement.

It's not all retro however and the phone actually has recall, redial, a hash and star key so you can at least get through those automated telephone exchanges without too much problem.


From the moment we opened the box, the nostalgia came flooding back and for £22 you can't help but want to make phonecalls on this.

What's the catch then? Well just like the phobile if does feel a bit silly putting a handset up to your face that is the size of your head. That combined with the fact that you'll need to have a cable attached at the bottom means that if you like to walk around while you are on the phone then you are stuffed.

However if you are looking for some cheap retro fun then this is it. Oh and the adjustable ringer is classic.

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