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(Pocket-lint) - The WIZZ devices, from iTECH, are designed to enable backup of data from your mobile phone. The Mobile WIZZ handles phonebook entries and the PHOTO MobileWIZZ handles images taken with the camera's phone. In both cases, the WIZZ device fills the gap left by the handset providers in not allowing you to connect your mobile phone to your computer.

The WIZZ devices have a cover at either end, at one you'll find an adapter to connect to your mobile (the Photo version is available in Nokia, Samsung and Sony Ericsson with the Mobile version also available for Motorola), and at the other a USB 1.1 plug. Operation is as simple, both versions have two buttons and two LED's Press the left hand button and the phonebook and SMS's or image download to the device. Lights blink and flicker in a very 1980's style way to let you know the magic is in progress. The right hand button on the Mobile version will upload phonebook entries back to the handset, the same button on the photo version will wipe the stored images of the WIZZ. The memory capacity of each device is small but the manufactures the Mobile version will cope with 10,000 phone book entries and 1,000 SMS's, although it does add that this depends on the length of entries. The Photo version can deal with around 30 15Kb images.

Once the data is transferred to either WIZZ, you simply slam in the USB ports and access the removable media drive via ‘My computer' on your PC. At this point operations vary slightly between the models. The Mobile WIZZ contains a simple .exe file that downloads all your phone book into an bespoke desktop editor package. Once open, you can change numbers and contact details, as well as back-up numbers to your PC or restore them to your mobile handset. Also included is a phonebook merge feature, allowing you to blend two sets of numbers together. Once completed, you can print out your contacts or save all the numbers back to the WIZZ, ready to upload them back to the phone. The Photo version simply displays the images from the phone as a list of JPEG files. Be careful when connecting though as I found the multi-pin port on the Nokia version didn't always sync up properly first time.


Overall, both WIZZ's worked well. They're small, well designed, for what they are, and functional. The Mobile number editor software GUI could do with some work, as it's not fantastically user friendly and it seems a shame that two devices have been made when I'm reasonable sure that one more day in the lab and an extra £10 out of your pocket, could have rolled the two together. They are ideal for those with older phones who want the security of having a back-up of their phonebook.

Writing by Charlie Brewer.