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(Pocket-lint) - It’s strange, you enter a public toilet and worry about how clean the seat is, yet you are quite happy to put a device that sits in your pocket, dumped on a bar, dropped on the floor and basically carried around everywhere you go up against your face to make a call - never mind your own earwax on top.

According the Klentel, and of course they would say this, your phone is dirty! Its solution is to invest in its mobile cleaning kit and while we were sceptical at the start, after we had given our clamshell a quick once over we realised what a dirty gem bucket we had been carrying around.

The kit comes with a number of tools to get the job done. The main tool, and for us, most useful was the KlenPik. Styled in a “K” shape the tool has a fine point on one end of the “K” and an interchangeable head on the other. The interchangeable head offers foam or brush heads - the foam one looks like a cotton wool bud - and both serve to pick up dust and dirt while the sharp point is to get it out of the designer styling.

Rather than simply offer you an improved toothpick the kit also comes with a KlenPen, KlenWipes and a Screen and Lens Cloth. The pen resembles a florescent pen and allows you to quickly whiz over the phone in question while the cloths give you more of a handkerchief approach to clean up the screen once you’ve gone over it with a wipe and the lens of your camera on the phone.

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To recap

You don’t realise how dirty your phone really is unless you have to clean it. Uck!

Writing by Stuart Miles.