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(Pocket-lint) - Look down at your keyboard. See any dirt on it? What maybe a bit of darkness around the space bar, or perhaps the shift key. Looks nice, doesn’t it. Perhaps you should think about cleaning it? Well that’s what Klentel are hoping you’ll say and then go straight to its website and purchase its Universal Cleaning Kit.

The kit comes with a number of tools to get the job done. The main tool, and for us, most useful was the KlenPik. Styled in a “K” shape the tool has a fine point on one end of the “K” and an interchangeable head on the other. The interchangeable head offers foam or brush heads - the foam one looks like a cotton wool bud - and both serve to pick up dust and dirt while the sharp point is to get it out of the nooks and crannies in between the keys. Because of the average size of a keyboard, Klentel wants you to have two of these tools.

Additionally you also get two KlenPens, a pack of KlenWipes and a Screen and Lens Cloth for buffing up your monitor. The pen resembles a standard florescent marker and allows you to quickly whiz over the screen or trouble spots in question while the cloths give you more of a handkerchief approach for buffing.


When it comes to a clean keyboard there is always the option of jumping in the shower with it and giving it a good scrub (make sure however it's completely dry before you plug it back it), however a more simple solution is to go at it with this set.

Everyone knows that there computer keyboard is dirty, but rarely do any of us actually do anything about it. This unit helped to point out the problem that perhaps we really should spend five minutes giving it a quick clean, but as with the Mobile Kit Klentel offers, do you really need it? Probably not, and you could easily produce the same experience with a Detol kitchen wipe and a toothpick. If you must have a kit, then this does cross the t's and dot the i's but even at £9.99 there are, unfortunately for Klentel, cheaper homemade alternatives for the innovative.

Writing by Stuart Miles. Originally published on 2 December 2004.