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(Pocket-lint) - Wires are a modern day nightmare around the home and while wireless networks rid you of plenty of wires it still leaves power cables. This is where the Chargehand device can be useful. It works with small, portable devices like mobile phones, PDAs and mp3 players. All of these come with rechargers that need to be plugged in, often daily if they are to keep running. This can lead to a kitchen full of cables trailing over your work surface or trip wires across the bedroom floor.

With the Chargehand, the plug on your recharger is pushed through the back plate of the device and you wind the wire around the cable support. Once the device is placed on the rubber platform the whole thing can be plugged in, taking up hardly any space at all. The wire is completely concealed under the device. It's not so easy if you happen to receive calls while recharging because you can't just pick up the phone off the floor. You will need either to unplug it or unwind some cable but this is a minor irritation.

We asked several people to test the Chargehand. Some of our testers never took the device out of its wrapper - nor did they wash or brush their teeth during the course of the trial. Others felt they did not need it because they had a particular place where they recharged their phone and were happy sticking to that routine. The rest of our testers had the device set up within seconds and wanted to buy more. Despite its cheap construction, none of the devices broke during our tests although the back plate was prone to coming apart and needed to be clipped back on.


This gadget won't quite change your life in the way that a visit from Channel 4's Kim and Aggie would. But with over 4m people tuning in to How Clean Is Your House, the nation is clearly obsessed with clean and tidy houses. Chargehand is for the houseproud. It will banish untidy recharger cables from your lifestyle interiors. Only thing is, the houseproud among us may not want this tacky plastic device in their homes either.

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Writing by Debbie Davies.